City Manager

Latest Update: City Manager Recruitment

June 19, 2018 - The City has engaged an executive search firm to assist in a nationwide recruitment for a new city manager for Half Moon Bay (the role of interim city manager is currently filled by David Boesch). 

Click here to offer your input about the qualities, qualifications, and characteristics you feel are important and desired in a new city manager. 

This process will also include a town hall-style community meeting for community members to help define the important elements they would like to see in a new city manager. The City expects this process to take up to four months to complete.

You may be interested in this brochure, "Council/Manager Form of Government," which is the type of structure utilized in Half Moon Bay.

City Hall

The City Manager is the chief administrative officer of Half Moon Bay, providing support to residents, members of the City Council, and staff. 

This position, appointed by the City Council, implements municipal policy and supervises the day-to-day operations of all city departments and staff, and is the liaison between the residents and the government, meeting with community members, businesses, and other stakeholders. The City Manager attends all City Council meetings, hires personnel, develops fiscal plans, regulates building activities, and maintains a unique understanding of how all city operations function together.

The City Manager is also responsible for preparing and managing the City’s budget for consideration and adoption by the City Council, which balances the costs of providing City services with its available financial resources.