What to Do During & After a Disaster

People in the Rain


Be ready to evacuate if directed by emergency personnel - the City/County may order optional or mandatory evacuations depending upon conditions. If evacuations are called for, it is imperative that you follow instructions of emergency personnel in the time frame noted.

See the Ready.gov evacuation planning tools and information

  1. Carlo Wei

    Management Analyst
    Phone: 650-726-8256

  2. Chad Woodburn

    Coastside Emergency Coordinator
    Phone: 650-726-4069

Provide Safe Drinking Water

Ensure your household has a safe source of drinking water. In the event of major flooding or other major disaster, you may want to fill bathtubs, sinks, and jugs with clean water in case regular supplies are shut off or contaminated.

In the Event of Flooding

Please see Half Moon Bay’s Flood Preparation page.

Stay Informed During & After a Disaster

For local emergency broadcasts tune your portable and car radios to:

  • for Pescadero, tune to 1680 AM
  • KHMB 1710 AM
  • KHMV 100.9 FM

Additional Radio Stations

Check other radio stations for warning bulletins and any corresponding emergency instructions, including:


  • KCBS 740 AM
  • KGO 810 AM
  • KITS 105.3 FM
  • KMEL 106.1 FM
  • KOIT 96.5 FM
  • KQED  88.5 FM
  • KSFO 560 AM


  • KATD 990 AM
  • KBRG 100.3 FM
  • KIQI 1010 AM
  • KRZZ 93.3 FM
  • KSOL 98.9 FM
  • KSQL 99.1 FM
  • KTRB 860 AM
  • KVVF 105.7 FM
  • KZSF 1370 AM

Also tune in to bay area television stations for further information.