Commissions, Committees & Director's Hearings

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission consists of community volunteers appointed by the City Council to make decisions or advise the Council on land use and property development issues.

General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC)

The GPAC, appointed by the City Council, is tasked with participating in and providing input related to the update of the City's General Plan.

Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC)

This volunteer group, appointed by the City Council, assists with providing community input and advice related to the Bicycle/Pedestrian Master Plan. 

Architectural Advisory Committee (AAC)

The AAC (new as of July, 2019) provides early review of projects before they advance to the Planning Commission or Community Development Director for public hearings. 

Community Development Director's Hearings

Certain land use and development proposals need only a Coastal Development Permit, which allows review and approval by the Community Development Director.

  1. Bridget Jett

    Consultant - Planning Analyst