Residential-based Business

To operate a business from your residence, you will need to obtain a Home Occupation and Business License Permit. Home occupations are permitted in all residential districts and shall comply with the following (Section 18.06.025 (F)):

  • Resident Only.  No one other than a resident of the dwelling shall be employed on site or report to work at the site of a home occupation.  This prohibition also applies to independent contractors.
  • No Inconsistent Activity.  There shall be no interior or exterior activity related to the home occupation inconsistent with or interfering with residential use of the property or detrimental to property in the vicinity.
  • Entirely Within.  A home occupation shall be conducted entirely within a building, either the main residence or an accessory building, and shall occupy no more than five hundred square feet of floor area.  No outdoor storage of materials or supplies shall be permitted in conjunction with the home occupation.
  • No Visibility.  The existence of a home occupation shall not be apparent beyond the boundaries of the site, and no home occupation shall involve the use of a sign, nor the display of products visible from the street.
  • No On-site Retail.  The home occupation shall not involve on-site retail business, interior or exterior alterations, nor construction features not normally found in dwellings.
  • No Traffic.  A home occupation shall not create pedestrian, automobile, or truck traffic detrimental to property in the vicinity.
  • Submittal Required.  Prior to the issuance of a business license for a home occupation, the applicant shall submit to the planning director a written description of the operational characteristics of the proposed home occupation.  The planning director shall determine that the proposed home occupation complies with the requirements of this section.  Decisions of the planning director may be appealed to the planning commission by the applicant or by any interested party.
  • Complaints.  In the event a complaint is received regarding a home occupation, the planning director shall refer the issue to the planning commission to review the operational characteristics of the use.  Both the complaining party and the operator of the home occupation shall be notified of the time, place, and date of the planning commission meeting.  In the event it is determined that the home occupation is detrimental to the neighborhood, the planning commission may impose any conditions necessary to maintain consistency with the provisions of this chapter.