Street sweeping

As part of the Solid Waste Franchise Agreement, Republic Services provides street sweeping of Half Moon Bay streets on the following schedule:

Downtown Streets

Downtown streets are swept weekly on Thursdays (1st and 2nd week) and Tuesdays (3rd and 4th week) between 6 am - noon for the following streets:
  • Arroyo Leon Drive
  • Church Street
  • Correas Street
  • Johnston Street
  • Kelly Street
  • Main Street
  • Mill Street
  • Miramontes Street
  • Monte Vista Lane
  • Pablo Court
  • Purissima Street
  • San Benito Street
  • Vasques Drive

Residential Streets

Residential streets are swept once per month on either Tuesday or Thursday from 6 am - 4 pm in accordance with the neighborhood schedule below.

Residential Street Sweeping Schedule

1st Thursday of the Month 2nd Thursday of the Month 3rd Tuesday of the Month 4th Tuesday of the Month
Frenchmans Creek Grand / Belleville Area Alsace Lorraine / Kelly Avenue Arleta Park West
Grand View Terrace Kehoe / Casa Del Mar Area Arleta Park East n/a
Miramar Tract Pilarcitos Park Arnold Way / Colonel Way n/a
Roosevelt / Washington Area Terrace / Highland Park Ocean Colony