Illicit Discharges

Storm drains are meant for conveying rain water only.  Disposal of other wastes such as motor oil, paint, wash water, or pet waste down a storm drain can introduce pathogens, nutrients, detergents, and various toxic pollutants to our waterways.  

The Public Works staff responds to calls from the public or incidents discovered in the field.  If the discharging party is present, they are educated about the pollution and are asked to clean up the material they discharged illegally.  If there is no party on site, the Public Works crew will take appropriate action to contain the discharge.

Helpful Resources:
Preventing Stormwater Pollution
Basics of Illicit Discharges

Illicit Discharge Coordinator: Todd Seeley.
Phone: 650-750-2029

After Hours Reporting: Sheriff's Office
Phone: 650-726-8266

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