Obtain Police Reports

Report Process

  • A police report can take 1 to 2 weeks after an incident to be written investigated and approved. 
  • Reports of major cases and complex investigations can take much longer to complete. 
  • Reports must be approved before the records staff can release any information or provide any copies to the parties. 

Confidential Information

Most information in police reports is confidential and cannot be released to the public, per State law, nor can we release information to parties over the phone. Police reports will not be released directly to the media.  

Release Requirements

  • Once a crime report is filed with the district attorney’s office, approval from the district attorney may be required before information can be released to any involved parties. 
  • The district attorney may release police reports directly to involved parties, their attorneys or the media. 
  • Disposition of any cases filed and adjudicated through the court (like information on scheduled court dates, suspect pleas, sentencing, custody, probation or final case status) is not available through the police department. 
  • Call the San Mateo County District Attorney’s office, 650.363.4677, if you need more information. 

Police reports may only be released to authorized parties and according to State law. Reports involving certain types of crime (i.e.; juvenile cases and some sex related crimes) cannot be released to anyone, except district attorneys or law enforcement agencies.