CITY Projects

The Public Works Department is responsible for overseeing a variety of City Projects. These projects can generally be divided into two categories: Capital Projects and Maintenance Projects.

Capital Projects generally exceed $30k in value and are prioritized by the City Council annually. Upon adoption, these capital projects create the Five-Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP). Click the project category below or scroll down for a list of this year’s projects. You can also find more information in the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) document - after downloading, search by project title or project number (noted below in parentheses after each project title).

Streets, Bike, and Pedestrian
Park and Facilities
Storm and Sewer

Maintenance Projects generally cost less than $30k and focus on mitigating hazards and maintaining the City’s existing infrastructure. Maintenance projects vary greatly and include projects such as replacing park equipment, repaving sidewalk, repainting curbsides, cleaning drainage ditches, and much more.



Streets, Bike, and Pedestrian
Park and Facilities
Storm and Sewer
Planning Documents


Check out of Five-Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for more information on the below projects.

  • Correas Street Reconstruction Project (607)
  • Crosswalks and ADA Retrofit Program (572)
  • Highway 1/Kelly Avenue Intersection Improvement Project (571)
  • Pavement Management and Traffic Safety Program (514)
  • Streetlight Upgrades on Main Street (623)
  • Community Center Site Plan (624)
  • Train Depot and Johnston House Site Plan (614)
  • Sheriff Substation Facility Assessment (605)
  • Smith Field Site Assessment and Master Plan (612)
  • Coastal Bluff Preservation (618)
  • Annual Community Enhancement Project (600)
  • Emergency Response Program (604)
  • Financial Software - Enterprise Resource Planning (555)
  • General Plan and Local Coastal Program Update (564)
  • GIS Implementation (586)
  • Restoration and Watershed Protection of City Parcel (622)
  • Urban Forest Management Program (598)
  • Wayfinding and Entry Signs (Phase 2) (559)

Want to bid on a project? Visit our Bid/RFP Center to see what projects are accepting proposals!

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