Parks Master Plan (609)

Project Description: The Parks Master Plan is a roadmap for the future of parks in Half Moon Bay, that meets the community's needs and reflects City Council direction. It helps focus future decisions and assists staff with allocating resources over the next 15 years. Developed through extensive and meaningful dialog and collaboration throughout Half Moon Bay's community, the Plan is built on important guiding principles defined by the community for improving existing parks and assessing the opportunities for new parks. The Plan prioritizes park maintenance to ensure that all park facilities, be they existing or developed at a future time, provide high quality environments for years to come.

Project Status:The Plan was adopted by the City Council in January, 2019, and is now in the implementation phase.Click here to download the Half Moon Bay Final Parks Master Plan (note: 44 MB PDF)

As the Plan is implemented, there will be opportunities for community involvement and input as each key element moves forward. 

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Funding Source(s): Funding for implementation to be determined. Potential funding sources include general fund, landscape and lighting district, City/visitor tax, sponsorships/donations, public/private partnerships.

Latest Update: January, 2019: The Parks Master Plan has been adopted by the City Council and is now in the implementation phase.

Contact: Scott Phillips, Associate Planner,