Proposal for Surf Beach/Dunes Beach Plan Development

An application for “The Dunes at Half Moon Bay” project was submitted to the City on September 20, 2019.

This private development proposal has not been approved, nor has it gone through the stringent project and environmental review process that precedes consideration of approval. This proposal involves only private property, on land that is located in the Surf Beach / Dunes Beach Planned Development.

The applicant requests City consideration of several discretionary actions including an amendment to the City’s certified Local Coastal Program, a Specific Plan, and a subdivision. Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to evaluate the potential environmental effects of the proposed project is required.

As part of the process, the Half Moon Bay Planning Commission and City Council will consider community input, review the entire project record including plans and studies, and act to approve or deny the project. At various phases of the entitlement review process there will be opportunities for community discussion and input. A project must complete all elements of this process in order to be considered for final approval.

This comprehensive process helps ensure that a project is consistent with the California Coastal Act, City policies and objectives, is in line with the community’s values, principles, and standards, and takes into consideration environmental protection and impacts. Here is a brief overview of the project (updated October 2019):

Please view public comments regarding the Surf Beach/Dunes Beach Planned Development here.

Project Proposal for the Surf Beach / Dunes Beach Planned Development

The proposed Planning Submittal includes the following:

Full project plans

Proposed Land Use Plan Policy Amendments

The project’s request for changes to the City’s Land Use Policies pertaining to the Surf Beach/Dunes Beach Planned Area were revised and submitted to the City January 9, 2020.  The proposed revisions pertain to 1993 Land Use Policy 9.3.3, which pertains to the Surf Beach/Dunes Beach Planned Development. Click here for more information

LocationNorth and south of Young Avenue, west of Highway 1, east of Dunes Beach (see map below)

Young Avenue (2)

Project Components (under review by the City):

 South of Young Avenue

  • 26 acre site
  • 212 hotel rooms and related services
  • Conference center of up to 15,060 square feet
  • Parking garage, general store, and three and one-half-acre working farm

 North of Young Avenue

  • 21 acre site
  • RV park and campground, up to 177 spaces
  • Hostel with up to 10 cabins at 4 beds/cabin
  • Clubhouse and small retail store

Status and Next Steps: The development application proposes to amend the City’s certified Local Coastal Plan (LCP) and seeks approvals of:

  • Planned Unit Development (PUD) Application/Specific Plan
  • A Coastal Development Permit
  • Tentative Subdivision Map. 

The LCP Amendment and the Specific Plan must be certified by the California Coastal Commission. Furthermore, due to the project’s location, City Council decisions on any of the other elements of this proposal may be appealed to the California Coastal Commission.

City staff is reviewing the development application to determine if it is complete and can be processed. The City will select an environmental consulting firm to prepare an environmental impact report, at the applicant’s expense. Subsequently, the overall environmental review/public comment phase will commence.

This project page will be updated as new information, including pubic meeting dates, become available.

If you have any questions, please contact Doug Garrison at the City of Half Moon Bay Community Development Department, 501 Main Street, or at or (650) 726-8270.

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