Single-Family dwellings (SFDS)

Residential Service Truck

Click here for useful recycling, organics, and garbage sorting graphics or visit to access a database that will help you dispose of any unwanted items you have.

The additional services below are available at no additional costs to Half Moon Bay residents.

ServiceFrequencyAdditional Details
Free kitchen counter pails
1 per household
Call Republic at (650) 592-2411 to request a kitchen food waste pail. Click here for a useful sorting guide for your fridge.

Use your new kitchen pail as a convenient way to collect food scraps. Once full, empty the contents of your kitchen pail into your green Compost Cart. Use newspaper, paper bags, towels, or BPI approved compostable bags to line your kitchen pail and Compost Cart.

Kitchen pails are for in-home use ONLY. Do not set this pail out for collection.
Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)
By appointment only
Make an appointment at the San Mateo County HHW facility to get ride of unwanted, hazardous items in your home. Appointments are available Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 8am - 2pm.

Can’t make it to the San Mateo drop-off location? Sign up for one of the temporary HHW collection events held throughout San Mateo County. Check out our upcoming events page to see when the next HHW collection event will be held in Half Moon Bay.

Don’t know what qualifies as an HHW? Click here to find out.

Curbside motor oil / Oil filterWeekly (on your collection day)Place up to two, one-gallon clear plastic jugs (with screw-top cap) of used motor oil and up to two one-gallon clear zip-type plastic bag with used oil filters curbside on your collection day. Jugs must be labeled. Place the motor oil and oil filters on the ground next to your blue Recycle Cart.
Battery RecyclingWeekly (on your collection day)
Place used household batteries (no auto batteries) and cell phones in a clear zip-type plastic bag on the lid of your black Garbage Cart on your collection day. Wrap button-type batteries individually with clear tape. DO NOT place batteries and cell phones inside the cart.
Extra Recycling
Weekly (on your collection day)
Extra recycling, beyond what fits in your blue Recycle Cart, can be set out in brown paper bags or cardboard boxes at no additional cost. Bags and boxes must be labeled and cannot weigh more than 60 pounds.
On-call bulky goods collection2x / yearCall Republic at (650) 592-2411 to schedule your bulky goods pick-up. Please consider donating items that can be reused.

Accepted items include: 
  • Garbage – Up to three cubic yards (or the equivalent of 18, 32-gallon-sized garbage bags) of bagged, boxed or bundled garbage, clothing, yard trimmings and other items.
  • Bulky Item – Up to two large items not exceeding 200 pounds each or 3 feet by 6 feet, including appliances, mattresses or electronics. Tree trunks or branches must not exceed 2 feet in diameter and 4 feet in length.
Electronic waste (E-Waste) recycling2x / year
E-waste recycling is available year round at Ox Mountain Landfill, 12310 San Mateo Road, for Half Moon Bay residents. Residents are limited to two (2) large e-waste items per vehicle and must bring a copy of their current Republic Services invoice and government-issued ID.

The City also offers free e-waste recycling at its Community Recycling Days held twice per years in the spring and fall. Visit the Community Recycling Event page to see when the next Community Recycling Day is scheduled.

Accepted items include TVs, monitors, printers, computers, cables, lamps, cell phones, DVD players, etc.

Items not accepted include commercial e-waste or household appliances like fans, floor heaters, smoke detectors, vacuum cleaners, cooktops, batteries, or small or large appliances. 
Document shredding2x / year
On-site document shredding is available at our two annual Community Recycling Days. Visit the Community Recycling Event page to see when the next Community Recycling Day is scheduled.
Free compost2x / year
Free compost is available for pick-up at our two annual Community Recycling Days. Visit the Community Recycling Event page to see when the next Community Recycling Day is scheduled.

Still have questions? Contact Republic Services at or 650-592-2411.