2020 Earth Year

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the City of Half Moon Bay is proud to present our Earth Year campaign! Our campaign will feature monthly themes, challenges, events, and online resources that can help you build up your sustainability toolbox throughout the year. Join us in celebrating Earth Day every day and show us how you’re honoring our Earth by sharing your pictures and tagging us on social media with #EarthYearHMB!


What is air pollution?

 Pollution is any material introduced into the air that can cause negative effects for the environment and human health. Pollutants can come from natural sources such as wildfires, but most air pollution comes from human activities such as energy production. These activities can emit greenhouse gases, leading to warming temperatures and climate change. 

Want to check your local air quality? Visit Air Now or Purple Air for up to date information and forecasts.

Why does it matter?

Poor air quality is bad for our health and the environment. When we breathe in dirty air, we breathe in small particles of pollution that can get into our lungs and bloodstream, causing health problems for everyone, especially those in high-risk groups. 

What can I do?

The best way to prevent air pollution is to drive less. Gas-powered transportation is one of the biggest sources of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce these pollutants you can walk, bike, take public transportation, drive an electric car, or carpool to your destination. 

Check out our resources page for more information on electric vehicles, commute benefits, rebates and more!

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