Measure U - City of Half Moon Bay Hotel / Lodging Tax Measure

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Ballot Measure Question

To support financial recovery/stability and maintain services, including: 9-1-1 emergency response; disaster preparedness; supporting local businesses/residents; and keeping public areas healthy/safe, shall the measure increasing, until ended by voters, the transient occupancy tax from 12% to 14% on July 1, 2021, and to 15% on July 1, 2022 (paid only by hotel/lodging guests), providing approximately $1,500,000 annually in locally controlled funding for general revenue purposes, be adopted?

                                     Yes________                  No_________

Resolution Placing Measure on the Ballot 


About Half Moon Bay’s Municipal Election

Q:        What is Measure U?
A: In response to the needs and priorities we’ve heard from our residents and local businesses, the City Council unanimously placed Measure U – a local hotel tax measure on the November ballot for voter consideration. Measure U would increase the existing transient occupancy tax (TOT), also known as a hotel tax, from its current 12% up to 15% by 2022.

Q:        Who would pay for Measure U? 
A:         Measure U would be paid for by persons—primarily visitors, tourists and other non-residents—who rent a hotel room, short term rental, or other overnight accommodation in Half Moon Bay for stays of 30 consecutive days or less.  

Q:        Will Measure U address COVID-19 needs?
A:         In placing the Measure on the ballot, the City Council indicated that the proposed tax proceeds could be used for municipal governmental purposes such as emergency response, disaster preparedness, support for local businesses and residents, addressing the impacts of tourism, and maintenance/cleaning of public areas. Measure U is a general tax, which means that the proceeds are deposited into the City’s general fund to be used for unrestricted general revenue purposes. 

Q:        What are the community identified spending priorities for Measure U?  
A:         Half Moon Bay residents have identified the following City service priorities:

  • Keeping public places healthy, safe and clean
  • Maintaining public safety emergency response
  • Helping to maintain the City’s quality of life for local residents
  • Keeping Half Moon Bay affordable for nurses, teachers, sheriff deputies, agricultural workers and others essential to our economy and emergency response

Q:        What percentage of votes are needed to pass Measure U?
A:         Measure U would be approved if it receives a simple majority of “Yes” votes (50% plus one  vote). 

Q:        How is voting different this year?
A:         Although this is not the first all-mail-in ballot election in Half Moon Bay, it is the first statewide mail-in ballot election. All registered voters will be mailed a ballot between October 5-27 that can be mailed, dropped off at a ballot drop box, or a Vote Center. 

To check your voter registration status, visit: The City will also be providing additional voter information and updates nearing the election. 

Q:        What else is on the Municipal Ballot?
A: For the first time ever, Half Moon Bay’s Municipal Election will include District City Council elections for Districts 2 and 3. For more information and a map of the City Council Districts visit:

City Attorney's Impartial Analysis 

Ballot Measure Arguments

Guide to Filing Measure Arguments

Argument in Favor of Measure U:

David Eblovi

Paul Grigorieff

Sally Rarback

Roy Salume 

Argument Against Measure U (on behalf of the BID):

Dana Dahl

Keith Wesselmann

David Vipond

Rebuttal to Argument In Favor

Dana Dahl

Rebuttal to Argument Against

David Eblovi