Building  Electrification

In 2019, 36% of Half Moon Bay’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions were generated from natural gas and propane-powered energy use in buildings. To help curb these emissions, work toward a cleaner environment, and assist the State in reaching SB32 goals, the City adopted a Building Electrification Ordinance on February 15, 2022 that:

  • Requires all new building construction to be electric-only – no gas or propane in new construction
  • Restricts any existing all-electric residential building from adding gas or propane
  • Requires Fuel Gas lines are capped/decommissioned in existing buildings by 2045

Building Electrification Ordinance (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)



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All Building Types

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Electricity Power Mix

97% of electricity users in Half Moon Bay are signed up to receive energy from Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE), who provides 100% clean energy for their EcoPlus service and 100% renewable energy for their ECO100 service. Learn more about PCE's power mix on  PCE's website.

The remaining 3% of electricity users in Half Moon Bay receive their energy through Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E). In 2021, PG&E customers received 93% of their power from GHG-free resources such as renewables, nuclear, and large hydroelectric power and 7% was powered by natural gas. More information on PG&E's power mix is available on PG&E's website.