Sea Level Rise

Vulnerability Assessments

Miramontes Point Sea Level Rise Vulnerability and Fiscal Impact Assessment (2023): The Miramontes Point Sea Level Rise Vulnerability and Fiscal Impact Assessment focuses on the southern end of the City limits, encompassing the approximate one mile stretch of coast extending from the southerly City limit to just south of Redondo Beach Road. This study included historical coastal bluff retreat analysis, a coastal bluff retreat vulnerability assessment that estimated what infrastructure would be at risk or lost due to bluff retreat with sea level rise for 2040, 2070, and 2100, and outlines an estimate of the current economic value and the most feasible adaptation strategies for at-risk assets in the study area.

Plan Half Moon Bay Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment (2016)This assessment was prepared to ensure update to Half Moon Bay’s Local Coastal Program (LCP) reflects updated conditions, information, and community priorities. This document assesses the City of Half Moon Bay’s vulnerability to sea level rise. Information in this document will be used to inform the development of sea level rise adaptation policies related to land use, habitat conservation, recreation and coastal access, and hazards.