What can I do about a barking dog?
Before reporting a dog that barks loudly and frequently, first try to contact the dog's owner. The owner may be unaware the dog is causing a problem for neighbors and is willing to take immediate action to correct the problem. If the problem is not resolved, contact the Sheriff's office at 650-726-8286 when the excessive barking is occurring.

The Sheriff's Department will investigate barking dog complaints and will try to contact the owner of the dog. We will ask for your name and a call back number for our records, or in case we need additional information from you.

If the problem continues we ask that you call again, and we will respond back. Each time, we keep a record of the complaints. If the problem continues, and we can document a pattern that indicates that the responsible party is indifferent and is allowing habitual barking in such a manner as to continuously disturb the peace, the owner could be issued a citation for an infraction.

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