What does the permit cover?

The permit formally conveys the same items that have been and will be inspected by the City. These include pretreatment system maintenance procedures and maintenance records, and proper handling of pretreatment system waste. The inspector also inspects for records of cooking grease handling and disposal, and other practices that affect discharge of FOG into the sewer system. What is a pretreatment system? An under-counter grease trap and outdoor grease interceptor are examples of pretreatment systems. These are devices that are required to be installed on drain lines that may carry FOG wastes in the wastewater. 

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1. Who Needs a Waste Discharge Permit?
2. Why these facilities?
3. Why a permit?
4. What does the permit cover?
5. How do I know if I need to install or upgrade a pretreatment system?
6. When can I anticipate an inspection?
7. Doesn’t the county health department already inspect for compliance with sewer discharge requirements?
8. Will the permit change the way inspection and enforcement is conducted?
9. What are the penalties for noncompliance?
10. Is the sewer permit program new?
11. Are there fees associated with the permit?
12. How do I apply for the permit?
13. Who do I talk to for information and assistance with this program?