What is the Downtown Streetscape Master Plan project?

The Downtown Streetscape Master Plan is a document that will include design guidelines and concepts to improve the public realm of Main Street in downtown Half Moon Bay. The Streetscape Master Plan will be based on community feedback for how people and vehicles get around downtown, parking, landscaping, furnishings, public art and more. It will also align with and build upon the City of Half Moon Bay’s recent policy and planning efforts (e.g., Parks Master Plan, Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, Green Infrastructure Plan, Local Coastal Land Use Plan). 

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1. What is the Downtown Streetscape Master Plan project?
2. What is the geographic focus of the Downtown Streetscape Master Plan?
3. Why are we doing a Downtown Streetscape Master Plan?
4. What does the current project scope of work include?
5. When will construction begin?
6. What decisions have been made?
7. What is the schedule?
8. Who is funding the project?
9. How do I get involved or gather more information?
10. Who is leading this effort?