Who is leading this effort?

This project is being led by the City on behalf of the community, in partnership with a consultant team. The consultant team is comprised of Toole Design, with support by Opticos Design and Yamabe & Horn. And all of you have an important role to play. Your voices and perspectives are critical for developing ideas and recommendations, and for the ultimate success of this project.

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1. What is the Downtown Streetscape Master Plan project?
2. What is the geographic focus of the Downtown Streetscape Master Plan?
3. Why are we doing a Downtown Streetscape Master Plan?
4. What does the current project scope of work include?
5. When will construction begin?
6. What decisions have been made?
7. What is the schedule?
8. Who is funding the project?
9. How do I get involved or gather more information?
10. Who is leading this effort?