Can I place a second dwelling unit on my property?
An additional dwelling unit may be placed on a parcel provided a Use Permit (Ministerial) has been approved. The requirements for a standard second unit permit are:
- The lot is located within a Single-Family Residential District;
- The second dwelling unit is constructed within or above an existing building or detached accessory building;
- The unit does not extend further into the required setbacks than the existing foundation of the building and is not within three feet of a property line;
- The structural height shall be the minimum to accommodate the second unit, and in all cases shall not exceed thirty feet at the highest point of the roof;
- The second dwelling unit will not significantly impact adjacent properties adversely;
- The number of doors and windows facing the reduced side or rear yards are minimized;
- The proposed second dwelling unit is approved by the fire department for emergency access;
- The proposed addition can be accommodated with the existing water service;
- The existing sewer lateral can accommodate the proposed addition;
- The requirements of this Chapter 18.33 (Second Dwelling Units) of the Municipal Code have been met.
- The unit shall provide a minimum of one off-street parking space for the second dwelling unit;
- Maximum Unit Size. The floor area of the second dwelling unit shall not exceed seven hundred square feet.
- The proposed second dwelling unit meets the zoning, lot size, and unit size standards of the underlying Zoning district.

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