Can eaves, decks, and other similar things project into my property setbacks?
Yes, some things can, they include:
- Architectural features such as eaves, cornices, canopies, awnings and mechanical equipment can project up to 30 (thirty) inches into a setback.
- Enclosed Porches and Solariums. If attached to the first floor of a residence, these may extend into the rear yard setback across twenty percent of the lot width, but shall provide a minimum rear yard setback of thirteen feet, and provide the required side yard setbacks set forth in Tables B and C of this Chapter 18 of the Municipal Code.
- Balconies on the second floor or above may project a maximum of thirty inches into either the required front or rear setback. An enclosed covered patio or a covered deck (enclosed only by railings) can be placed in a rear yard of a residence as long as it is no closer than 10 (ten) feet to the rear property line.
- Patio covers of open roof trellis design only, attached to the main structure, may be located in the required rear yards, but must provide a minimum of five feet for a rear yard setback and a side yard setback equal to the required side yard of the underlying zoning district.
- Planter Boxes and Other Decorative Features. Decorative features attached to the walls of a structure may encroach a maximum of twelve inches into any required setback area.

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