When do I need an encroachment permit?

Any excavation, modification, construction activity or encroachment within the City’s right-of-way (ROW) or easement requires an encroachment permit from the City. The City’s street ROW most commonly covers streets and sidewalks and often a few feet beyond to the property line. The City also has various forms of public easements over private certain properties for public sewer, storm drains, utilities, access, view corridors or such other public use. Your property’s Title Report should identify such easements. Encroachment permits are required for both temporary and long-term encroachments. Typical activities that usually trigger the need for an encroachment permit include:

- Awnings that reach over sidewalks

- Placement of benches, chairs, or planters

- Sewer, water, or gas repairs or connections

- Sidewalk or driveway repairs

- Temporary debris boxes

Contact the permit technician at 650-712-6660. Please refer to the Street Encroachment section of this website for more information.

Municipal Code Section 7.40.

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1. When do I need an encroachment permit?
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